Traditional Christmas Trees in Uk London, Fulham base and showroom, available in Wandsworth, Putney and Hammersmith - 2023

We are Traditional Christmas Trees, London U.K. a company established in 1969 by farmers of Natural Christmas Trees, Eco Friendly, and we offer a large range of different natural products. We offer you the best selection of Natural Christmas Trees and Free Delivery in our areas around: Fulham, Chelsea, Wandsworth, Putney and Hammersmith.
If our products don’t meet the standards, we will give you a full return and refund process will be available.

Deliveries policy refund:
We have a 7 days a week delivery to cover all the customer expectations and if the product you order is not what you order, we offer a return in 24 hours.

Contacting Us:
You can contact us by email or in our contact page from our website: and you will receive a call from our friendly staff to help you at any time with any issue.

Other Products:
We have also: Stands, Wreaths, and other products available on our online shop, with guarantee, refund or replacement if needed.

Delivery Charges:

We will cover the delivery charges in the case the return takes place within 7 days of the product arrival, our compromise with you is to have 100% customers satisfaction.

Any issues with your product must be reported within 24hrs., 7 days and 30 days for a refund /exchange. In the event, an exchange needs to take place this will be free of charge.